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Join Union Street Dance's Work-Study Program, which provides an extra break for artists in need of inexpensive studio space who are eager to learn about non-profit administration and studio management. Duties include monitoring the studio, providing building entrance to renters, maintaining databases and various computer systems,and printing and mailing promotional materials, all tasks essential both to running an arts organization and to promoting one's self as an artist.


Union Street Dance 2016 Work-Study Participants:
Tailor Lee
Alexander Bianchi 

Union Street Dance 2013 Work-Study participants:
Efeya Sampson
Kayt MacMaster

Union Street Dance 2011-2012 Work-Study participants:
Marissa Molnar
Christine Coleman

Union Street Dance 2010-2011 Work-Study participants:
Christine Coleman
Sarah Milosevich

Union Street Dance 2009-2010 Work-Study participants:
Randy Burd
Annie Now
Joilynn Hopkins
Christine Coleman

Union Street Dance 2008-2009 Work-Study participants:
Jennifer Fox
Sarah Milosevich

Union Street Dance 2007-2008 Work-Study participants:
Kristin Dexnis
Shaleigh Comerford

To inquire about Union Street Dance Work-Study positions: please call us at 718-857-8368 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo credits: Above photos of Eva Dean Dance's BOUNCE 09 by Yi-Chun Wu

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